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Vietnam Ceramics And The International Export

Updated: May 3

Vietnam has long been known as a country with rich traditions, and one of them is the tradition of ceramics in craft villages such as Binh Duong, Bat Trang, Vinh Long, and more. This traditional industry has been experiencing strong and continuous growth in recent years. Vietnam Ceramics has established its brand reputation globally. It offers a wide range of products, including decorative ceramics for homes, glazed ceramics, and ceramic flower pots. In this article, Lam Thanh will explore with you the significance of Vietnam Ceramics in the international export market and delve into the contributing factors that have led to its success.

The Rise of Vietnam Ceramics

The ceramic and pottery industry in Vietnam has gone through a period of robust development and recovery this year. In 2022, the industry faced challenges due to the pandemic's impact on exports, coupled with instability caused by domestic and global economic fluctuations. However, this year, the ceramic industry has become more optimistic as the pandemic has been brought under control, and the economic situation has improved. Additionally, there have been optimizations in product quality and production processes in various craft villages, leading to high-quality Vietnam ceramics. As a result, the quantity of exported products has significantly increased.

The Rise of Vietnam Ceramics

The Key Factors Contributing To The Development Of Vietnam Ceramic In 2023

1. Quality and Craftsmanship

Vietnam ceramics are highly esteemed for their quality and diverse designs. The artisans who create each plant pot in the craft villages pay attention to every small detail, meticulously crafting each stage of the process. These artisans are passionate about this traditional craft. Currently, in parallel with traditional practices, businesses have also embraced technology in the industry, helping to enhance product quality, increase production volume, and achieve high standards.

2. Diverse Range of Products

Vietnam ceramics plant pots always offer a wide range of designs and diverse materials for international customers to choose from. All of them are exquisitely designed, visually appealing, and of high quality. Vietnam ceramics can withstand both high and low temperatures depending on the environment. The standardized material of the pots helps promote better plant growth. The flexibility and adaptability of Vietnam's ceramic plant pots are always what customers expect.

Vietnam Indoor Ceramic Pots

3. Competitive Pricing

Another factor that helps the Vietnam ceramics industry maintain a presence in the international market is pricing. The products are of high quality, yet the prices remain reasonable, making them easily accessible to customers. With fast transportation times, customers can expect prompt and reliable shipping of their ceramic products.

4. Global Recognition and Partnerships

Vietnam ceramics have positioned themselves globally, leading to partnerships with international distributors and retailers.

In Vietnam, Lam Thanh TM JSC has also established its own position in the international market. Founded in 1999, with over two decades in the industry, we have collaborated and worked with hundreds of customers. At Lam Thanh TM JSC, we regularly participate in international trade fairs, exhibitions, and export promotion activities. We have attended international trade fairs such as Spoga + GAFA 2017, Lifestyle 2019, VIFA 2023, Global Sourcing Fair 2023, where we showcase the beauty of our products on the international stage, engage in networking, and collaborate with potential partners, thereby increasing export opportunities.

5. Meeting International Standards

As a reputable exporter of Vietnam ceramics, Lam Thanh TM JSC, like the majority of exporters in general, consistently adheres to international standards and regulations. Lam Thanh JSC has obtained certifications in both business and export, such as BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism). BSCI is a code of conduct for social responsibility in business, while C-TPAT is a voluntary program focused on supply chain and logistics security led by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) with the aim of enhancing border security in the United States. These certifications have significantly bolstered trust and credibility throughout our production and export processes.

Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

Business Social Compliance Initiative

Demand For Vietnamese Ceramics From International Customers

1. Growing Demand for Vietnam Indoor Ceramics

As people in more countries focus on interior design and home decoration, the demand for ceramics within homes has steadily increased. Vietnam ceramic products such as flower vases, plant pots, and ornaments are favored by customers. They prefer ceramic items with modern designs that align with current trends and offer high durability. The unique designs and high-quality craftsmanship of Vietnam ceramics consistently make them the top choice for international customers.

Vietnam Glazed Ceramics Pots for Indoor

2. Vietnam Glazed Ceramic Appeal

In Vietnam, the ceramic artisans in the pottery villages have a high level of expertise in glazed ceramics. Vietnam glazed ceramics differ in terms of design, finishing, and alluring colors compared to the international market.

Vietnam Ceramic Pots & Vase Wholesale

3. Vietnam Ceramic Flower Pots for Gardening

For gardening enthusiasts and plant lovers worldwide, Vietnam ceramic flower pots, in general, and those from Lam Thanh TM JSC, in particular, are the perfect choice. Besides their artistic craftsmanship, these pots also boast excellent quality. They are resilient to both heat and cold, equipped with proper drainage holes, and have high durability, allowing plants in the pots to thrive in varying external temperatures. Additionally, they serve as beautiful decorative items, adding value to your living space.

Vietnam Ceramic Flower Pots for Gardening

Accessing Potential Markets and Future Prospects for the Vietnam Ceramics Industry

Currently, the Vietnam ceramic plant pot export industry has found its way into and established a presence in various international markets. Notably, these include South America, North America, Europe, and Australia. With a strong foothold in these regions, the Vietnamese ceramics industry continuously experiences growth and brings Vietnamese cultural products to the global stage. The global demand from customers is increasingly rising, promising a bright future for Vietnam ceramics.


Vietnam Ceramics have risen as a significant player in the international export market. With a commitment to quality, diverse product offerings, competitive prices, and adherence to international standards, Vietnam has solidified its position as a reputable ceramics supplier. As the demand for handmade and artisanal ceramics continues to grow worldwide, the ceramics in Vietnam is trying its best to meet and exceed customers' expectations. Through continuous innovation, strategic partnerships, and dedication to each product, Vietnamese ceramics will leave a lasting impression on the international stage.

If you are looking for a reputable Vietnamese ceramics supplier, look no further than Lam Thanh TM JSC. With 24 years of experience in the industry, we guarantee your satisfaction.

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